27 agosto 2006

I have pictures! ....kind of

So....I went around the house today and took some pictures. I have a yahoo account, so you can see the pics if you want....the address is:
Not much happened today. Went to the supermarcado with my family to get bread. Had lunch. I could understand most of the conversation...they were talking about Gabi and the differences she´s seen so far in the US. I think I´m going to write to her soon to see how she´s doing.
Oh, and I´ve discovered what everyone does during the day....they really do take siestas!! They all sleep! That´s why they´re up so late at night, I guess. So during the day, that´s why I´m utterly bored....everyone else is sleeping.
Anyhoo. That´s all for today.
I love and miss you all!!!!
P.S. Padres.....I just heard that there´s an Ecuadorian exchange student in Tiverton....why were we never told of this????

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