01 septiembre 2006


Oh, today.
I got to wear my uniform for the first time. As in, my actual uniform...the skirt, shirt, sweater, socks, and shoes. oh boy! People were oddly fascinated with how freakishly pale my legs are....which was strange, but understandable. I am kind of freakishly pale.
Nothing of much interest happened today. My art teacher was out, so Freja and I walked around and took a few pictures. My chemistry teacher was a giant jerkface and made me take the test, even though I didn't know what it was asking, and hadn't been there for most of what was on there. I don't think he's counting it though. He's so creepy....I'm glad I sit in the back of the room. The girl in front of me, Fran, the teacher came over and like, stroaked her cheek, then leaned in and whispered something in her ear. He came over to me and wrote down an answer, and stood over me, waiting for me to finish the equation or whatever it was. I did, and didn't look at him. I try not to draw attention to myself....but it kind of doesn't work considering it's me and all, and I stick out a real lot.
A boy, Adriano, set off the fire alarm, and everyone around him was dancing to it. Dancing! The inspector guy came over, looked at them, and walked away, and the alarm kept sounding for about 10-15 minutes. Nothing happened. It's crazy. And a boy, Felipe, stole alcohol from somewhere and set paper on fire. Again, no one cared.
Art was the best class. I sat with Christian and we listened to my iPod and wrote notes about what kind of music we like on a piece of paper. We like the same types of music, and since he studied in Boston for awhile, he knows a lot of the same bands as I do, which is nice. I kind of hate the blank stare I get when people ask what group I like and I answer "Dropkick Murphys". Oh well.
Rumor has it that tonight I'm going out dancing with Freja, Jenny, and a girl in my class. And a few other people I think. But I don't know. People here are last minute...so I probably won't know until at least 7ish. Dios mio!
Anyhoo. I'm off to finish uploading pictures to my yahoo page...so you can check them out if you want.
Love and miss you all!

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