11 septiembre 2006

Oh today...
Today was probably one of the most boring days in the history of Scuola Italiana. Or, the history of my high school career. It was pretty fome. English class kind of pissed me off. I mean, I speak English, so what do I expect...but she doesn't expect me to do *anything*, even the first grade level worksheets she hands out, and doesn't offer me anything...so I just sit there, and listen to music and space out. I think I'm going to see if I can do something more fun, like go to the music room and practice piano, because checking my mail in the library, is getting pretty old.
I think I skipped chem. class. But I was with a bunch of other kids in my class, so I didn't stress. And no one came looking for us, so I figure it's okay. Plus, I'd rather be away from that creep...
In philosophy, the teacher had us answer a question about whether social conscience is a product of culture. I answered in English(which he found amusing and tried to translate), and then I translated it into Spanish. And I only needed the dictionary for maybe 5 words. The rest I did on my own, in my head, and when it was proofread by Rodrigo, was all right except for one phrase(está bien, instead of OK). The teacher found this slightly amazing....and wanted to hear my answer. So Felipe read it for me(since I read slow and kind of butcher the language). I mean, granted, it was simple Spanish, but most of it was the same as my English version(just a tad simpler, and slightly stupid sounding), and I'm not gonna lie...I was fairly proud of myself. I hadn't realized that my spanish had improved that much....I never would have been able to do that back in the States....
After school mamá picked me up and we went to the supermarcado for bread. We got to talk, a lot, which was really nice, considering I haven't had a real conversation with her lately. We talked about jobs, babysitting, my dad speaking French, Chilean slang, a lot of stuff. It was nice. And at dinner, I actually had a conversation with my whole family. We talked about how my language skills are improving, how complicated Spanish is(for serious, it's hard like woah), and I told them about how confusing it is sometimes(I keep thinking they're speaking English, and I never know what language I'm supposed to use with people). It was really really really nice..and I'm actually a little bit excited. It's so nice to finally be able to talk to people! And like I told them tonight, I don't have to translate everything anymore. Some things I just..know. Only recently learned or complicated phrases I have to translate, everything else just makes sense. It's crazy!
So all in all, quite a good Spanish day. Most def. makes up for my lack of Spanish-ness lately.
Love and miss you all!!!!

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