15 septiembre 2006

Today....was horrible. Well, for the most part.
Math nearly brought me to tears. We were taking a test, and the teacher somehow thinks that I know what's going on....? I told him I didn't understand, so he pretty much did one problem for me, while blabbering on in Spanish, looked at me, said "Ya?" and walked away. And I still had no idea what I was doing. There were four problems. Each was worth two points. When I handed in my paper, I had the one question he did, and one I attempted which I'm positive is wrong, because there weren't any crazy symbols like he uses. So...there goes my math grade. That class is going to drive me insane. I honestly have never been so confused in my life, and it's like he doesn't notice or care that I'm completely lost. Stupid teacher.
I think the boys here like to be especially immature on the days when I'm not so happy. So you can imagine how the rest of my day was. urgh.
School ended at lunch time, I'm not sure why, and I was never informed beforehand. Thank you, classmates. So I walked home with Freja. She came to my house and we goofed off for awhile, had lunch and played the piano, while joking about our talents. For the next inbound orientation we have to have a talent show, but we don't know what we're doing yet. I'd play the piano, but we have to bring whatever we need, and there's no way I'm bringing the keyboard. So...I have to find something else...but I don't really have anything else. So...I don't know.
Not going out tonight. I have a really annoying cough. Again. (stupid lungs). And I'm packing tonight anyway I think.
Tomorrow at 8 am we're leaving for Viña del Mar for the weekend. I'll be back Monday I think. Five-ish hours in the car. woot! When we go to the North later this year though, it's 15 hours. 15!!! Who does that??!! I tried telling my host parents about the Rhode Island mindset with travelling and whatnot...but it's hard to explain in limited Spanish. Although....my Spanish is getting better, and I usually get things on the first time, if I pay attention(which is the hard part). Anyhoo.
love and miss you all!

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Anónimo dijo...

haha i totally understand your feelings in all of these posts now that im here and have them too.