06 septiembre 2006

Field Trip! ¡Y más!

So today.
First off..
Happy one month anniversary ME!!! yaaaay!
School. Oh, school. Absolutely nada day. Today..was not a good Spanish day. I couldn't quite roll my Rs like I have been learning(finally. Stupid fat tongue), and I couldn't quite grasp everything that was being said. Which is not too helpful during class. Oh well. Filo.
Went to the Catholic University del Norte en Coquimbo. It was okay. Freja and I talked most of the time....I couldn't hear, nevermind understand, the guide. Oh well. We went to some medical student wing or something. Oh dios mio. They had those metal tables....for dead people....with real bones in a box on top of one.....pretty much all of my nightmares combined into one actual place. Mom, dad, I actually stood next to a table that had...*shudder* dead people on them. añsldfkjañsdflkj
Then, in the hallway....they had these like, tank things, with real body parts and stuff in them. I saw a brain, part of a leg(way disgusting), some other things I didn't recognize and think it's better off that way, and then the creepiest one. Babies. Real human babies, like, fetus babies(I know there's a better word, unfortunately I can't think of it), like five of them, all different sizes. It was like a pro-life ad gone to far. Creepy.
After school I went to the supermarcado with mi mamá y abuela(se llama Elle, not abuela). And then we went to the pastelería(I think that's how you spell it) to buy empanadas..mmm empanadas....and some creepy guy with blue eyes stared at me like I was on display(I don't think I'll ever quite get used to it). At first I was like, "Oh! Blue eyes! I'm not alone!" and then he just flat out stared. The whole time. And when we pulled out of the parking lot, he watched us go. It was way creepy.
Dinner was interesting...my host mom knows very little English, but likes saying what she does know, along with my host dad. He tried to ask me if I liked pig(to eat), but I didn't know what he was saying....and this started a conversation full of farm animal noises and funny hand gestures. I love it though...they're so entertaining...and it's so much better that I understand. Mamá was telling stories, and I understood all of them!(about when they went to Canada and didn't understand anything). I felt quite proud.
Also....the documents I was never sent have arrived..and been forwarded off to Little Rhody, so all I have to worry about right now is being an illegal alien for a little bit longer while my passport is being magically repaired in Santiago. Also! My host mom's checking....but they were told that all the students this year are going to switch families at the six month mark in February. But I don't think it'll happen...hopefully not, because I like this family and don't want to start anew with another group of strangers. Oh well.
Love and miss you all!

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Sara dijo...

Catherine wanted to say hello, I said "Kelsey" and she got all excited, she thought you were coming over, so I had to explain that wasn't possible........ she is not happy!

Luv ya,


PS. Send me your address so I can send a care package......