02 septiembre 2006

So.....last night, I finally went out at a little past 11 pm. Freja's host sister and her friend picked me up, and we drove around meeting people and finding out where the party was. Then we went to someone's house for a carrete. All of the people there were older than us, but it's okay because Freja and I look older than we are, apparently(everyone's always surprised to find out how old we really are), and we felt comfortable there. Except that all the guys kept looking at us, and then whispering to each other, it was kind of strange. Oh well. Filo.
We left that party at about 1:15 and went to a disco, Sundance(where I went a few weeks ago). But....we couldn't get in because we're only 16, and apparently, unlike a few weeks ago, that wasn't okay. Some woman that I think Nata(Freja's sister) knew tried really hard to get us in, by telling the security guard that I was allowed to enter in the US and had permission to and he should make an exception for the two gringas. Of course, she was lying, because I'm not allowed to enter in the US, but the guy didn't know that. He didn't let us in though. The other guy would have, because he looked at us funny, and I've found that having blonde hair, or just being different, can get you very far. haha, but not last night. While we were selling our tickets in to someone else, this group of boys tried to talk to me, telling me that they knew me. I said "No", but they continued, so I ignored them. It was kind of annoying. When Freja and I were walking back to the car, alone, people whistled and yelled things at us. But we ignored it. I said something in Chilean English to Freja too, "We have sixteen years, Freja!" haha, it was a good time.
We tried driving to another disco, but it was 2 am(and I had to be home for 3:30), so we ended up going back to the parking lot of Sundance and hanging out with Nata's friends(there were a bunch of people there anyway). It was fun....I got to speak Spanish, and people actually understood me, and I understood them!
I got home a little early....but my parent's weren't home anyway.
This morning I felt sick. yay. I think I ate something funny, because my stomach's been kind of weird lately. I should probably figure out what it was....
Tonight I think Freja and I are going to try again, at another disco. And even if we aren't allowed to enter, maybe we'll have more luck. I've heard that a lot of places here don't really care about the age thing, but sometimes it's harder for us because we can't just blend in, ya know? Oh well. Filo.
I love and miss you all!!!!!

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