13 septiembre 2006

Stayed home from school today. No sé qué onda. My head, throat and ears hurt, and my mamá said it'd be better if I stayed home, I guess so I wouldn't get worse, since we're going away this weekend. Oh well. Slept till like, 11:30ish, watched a movie on HBO, showered, had lunch, and now I'm here. Exciting, eh?
Yesterday I went to this giant supermarket called Jumbo. For serious, it was huge. It had clothes, everything. And metal detectors by the door. Craziness. I got to talk to mamá some more, which is really nice. We talked about Gabi and how she's doing. She said she doesn't miss anyone really, except for Ignacio because they were really close. She did say it's really different, and there aren't any parties(then again, it is Wisconsin...). But she's good, and not lonely, which I thought was odd since it's only her and her host parents, and I know I'd be kind of lonely. Oh well. I feel a lot better about my host family lately. At first they seemed kind of....distant? but I think it was just the language thing. And my host mom seems really excited to talk to me, and to bring me places like Jumbo, as lame as it is, haha. Gabi always liked to stay in the car. Oh well.
I got my passport back yesterday too! I think I'm going to go get my ID on Friday. The people in Santiago just gave me a new visa. Nothing extremely special. But....whatever. I want my ID soon....I feel weird being the only person without it, and more than a month into the exchange. Oh well.
And...that's all.
un besito!

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