08 septiembre 2006

Oh, hoy. Fue fome. Muy fome. Friday's always a bit of a nothing day. English class....I got to check mail while everyone else did some computerized English practice thing which I didn't have to do(not so sure I need to learn English...). Chemistry...gah. Fell asleep a bit. Got my test back(the one the jerkface made me take). Yay for 0's!. I tried to understand the questions....but couldn't. Also..most of it was from before I got there....so I didn't know it anyway. He smiled all creepy like and put "A" at the top and said, "¿Cierto?" (right?). I nodded and walked away. That man gives me the creeps.
Freja joined me in art. We listened to music. Como siempre.
I'm going out tonight though! To a disco I can legally enter because it's a special event for people 16 and up. I'm fairly excited. And tomorrow....someone's coming by at 10:30 to bring me around La Serena. She was in the airport when I first got here, but I'm not entirely sure who she is. Oh well.
The Independence Day for Chile is coming up....September 18th, and my host family is going down somewhere around Villa Aleman/Valparaiso/Viña del Mar. I'm not entirely sure, actually. But we're going there. My host parents don't seem to like tourists...and La Pampa(maybe that's what it's called) in Coquimbo is the biggest thing in the country during the Sept. 18th weekend. Thousands of people. So we're leaving, haha. Oh well, Filo.
Also! Last night...I was sleeping, and realized I was sleeping(a lucid dream, maybe?). Anyhoo. I was sleep talking at the time....in Spanish! Still no dreams in Spanish, but I'm talking in Spanish in my sleep now.....craziness. I'm hoping the dreams aren't too far behind. I think parts of them, sentences here and there are in spanish, but I'm not sure. Oh well.
I should have pictures tomorrow after the little tour of La Serena!
Love and miss you all!

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