04 septiembre 2006

So....today, I wake up, and it's sunny. Which, it shouldn't be.
And then, I look at my cell, and...oops, it's 7:47, aka, the time I usually leave for school.
I managed to get ready in about ten minutes though. Which was fairly amazing to me. And I got to school slightly late, but before class started, so it was all good.
School....fome. As usual. Boring. Both linguaggio and filosofia had tests, so I was left wandering the school aimlessly. Linguaggio, I wandered around and listened to music. I bought some cookies from the store since I didn't have time for breakfast, or to pack anything to eat during the day. The woman was really nice and asked where Freja was. The last time I went there with Freja, she gasped and pointed and said, "Sus ojos!"(your eyes") since Freja has greenish eyes, and I have blue. Both of which aren't too common here. And she didn't even mind when we weren't sure what everything was called, and told us that it was okay, it was the only way to learn or something of the sort, haha.
Filosofia, I spent on the computer, reading about fashion trends in Europe on the C/S board. Because yes, I was that bored.
And then.....I got home and found....a package!!!!! A package from home sitting on my desk, and it was pretty much amazing to recieve. Just so you guys know, I absolutely love getting mail and such,mmmkay hinthint jaja. But for serious, it was amazing, even if opening it involved me pretty much breaking some razor thing. Oh well. I think it was worth it. Thank you, padres!!!!!!!! And it came earlier than I expected! I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow at the earliest....Freja's family sent her a package and it took two weeks to get here, but then again, it was coming from Denmark.
anyhoo. I do believe that's all for today.
Love and miss you all!!!

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Elisa dijo...

If you love so much receiving mail give me your adress in Chile so I can write you !! I am sure I can find spare time to send you a little something !! I kinda lost a lot of english so I am trying to practive more than my 7h of english classes a week !!
So anyway it's sooo good having news from you, I miss sooo much my "exchange time" it was sooo much fun so enjoy it !!