27 febrero 2007

Hair Cut! De nuevo!

So. Today I decided that:
Changing countries I live in, speaking a different language every day, dying my hair, cutting it once already, adding two new holes to my ears, and generally changing as a whole
wasn't enough change for me.
and I cut my hair again.
Just kind of....cut it. Up to my shoulders. It looks cute, I suppose. I like it, anyway. And it's just enough change to keep me happy for the time being.
Pictures will be added once they're taken.
Until then...I thought I'd do this as pure entertainment.
Taken from a thread on the culture's shocked board....You Know You've Gone Native When....
Chile style. Enjoy!

-Your speech is filled with words like: cachai, weon, carrete, filo, po, fome, güata, and bakan.
-You know what flaite is and how to spot and imitate them.
-You're ALWAYS late. I was 10 minutes late once, and actually proud of myself because yes, here, 10 minutes late is actually fairly early.
-Argentinos are pesados. That's just how it is.
-You also don't fall well to Bolivians or peruanos.
-You understand what "falling well" is.
-You'd probably die without bread. For serious.
-You've seen the large group of people fighting for the fresh bread as it comes out of the ovens in the supermarket.
-You've been part of that group of people.
-You find yourself walking out into the street, even if there's a car coming, because you know they will always stop for you.
-Catcalls are a normal, daily thing.
-You can recognize gringos a mile away....but no longer include yourself as one of them.
-You demand things, don't ask. Such as food. You will take food from someone while "asking" them to borrow you it.
-Every desert you eat includes manjar.
-You drink pap or kapo
-You drink tea. Every day. For onces, of course.
-People going out a lot is normal. People who don't go out a lot is kind of....strange.
-You are overly honest/blunt with people.
-Most things you eat come with mayonaise. ick. Or palta.
-It's strange for anyone over the age of 11 to not have a cell phone.
-You know that colo-colo is a fútbol team.
-You root for either colo-colo, cobrelua(just butchered that, I know), o la U.
-You know the chants for all the futbol teams.
-Flushing toilet paper just seems.....weird.
-Seeing a house without a fence around it is utterly shocking. Even more so if it has two stories.
-Everything you eat either has salt or lemon on it. Everything.
-You eat ice cream very often, even when it's cold, and know that you can find somewhere that sells ice cream every corner or so.
-You have a favorite brand of pisco.
-You can dance the cueca. Or be cool like Simon, and just clap when cueca music is played(even if it's in a store jaja)
-Not seeing mountains is a cause for concern.
-You can tell that someone's NOT from Chile because they speak slower and clearly(aka, they're easier to understand)
-To be vegetarian is just....odd.

and that's pretty much it.
¡Welcome to my life! haha

So...pictures are delayed, as it would appear my camera is slowly dying. And therefore refusing to upload the first picture, instead duplicating the last picture taken, but at a smaller size. Not to mention that it seems to enjoy turning off at random points, therefore deleting whatever picture I had just taken. Thanks a lot, HP.
Going back to school tomorrow.

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