13 febrero 2007

Día Uno

Okay....starting off with the early day(s?). Orientation was...well, orientation just was. Not really exciting, not really fun(until the end of it anyway). Just....was. It actually made me not look forward to the trip. Anyhoo.
On Monday we left Villa Alemana and drove an hour to Santiago. We got to the airport, checked in, and went all American and ran to the Dunkin Donuts(it's ONLY in the airport in Chile, no lie). Simon from Denmark had his first donut ever, it was quite exciting.
Flew an hour and a half to Puerto Montt, and then from there another 2 hours to Punta Arenas. We were all slightly disappointed at first considering it was FLAT(from the airplane) and only about 62ºF. We drove into town to our hotel, and quickly discovered that it was much colder. We had free time before dinner, so went around the centro and bought things like hats and scarves and gloves and such. It rained! It was so exciting....my first rain in six months! Anyhoo. Dinner was amazinggg....and afterwards we just hung out and did nothing.
The next day was amazing. We went to Isla de Riesco to a ranch. It was sooo cool. And freezing. We saw a puma! And sheep get sheered, herded, and washed. Alpacas too! I rode a horse which was amazing....the whole day was just....gah. Really awesome. The ranch was SO cool....it had it's own church since the island is so isolated.
I know this description kind of sucks...but oh well. Here are some pictures:

also...here's a slideshow of the entire trip, using only some of my photos though:

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Wendy dijo...

woo hoo...look at you riding a horse! It's fun, isn't it?
Love, Aunt Wendy

Mom dijo...

AMAZING slideshow! We loved it!!!!
Love, Mom, Dad and Mae