23 febrero 2007

Kelsey....la estrella!

So today was my interview! Hurrah! I wasn't really nervous until they got there....and I realized how so very unprepared I really was. I had given some thought to the answers...but with me...no matter how well I have the answer in my head(and I have lots of Spanish down pretty well in my head), it always comes out wrong when i speak. Happens in English too.
Anyhoo. The camera guy(I think) was the same guy from the Rotary event who filmed me reading a book. The ...woman(I can't think of how to call her in English) was really nice. They interviewed me in the living room, asking why I chose Chile(which sucks! Because I NEVER know how to answer that), if I'm accustomed to things here, what have been some of my difficulties, what modismos I've learned, etc. They filmed me and mamá in the kitchen, pretending to get ready for onces(setting the table and talking, etc.). Then they interviewed mamá, who said really nice things about me! jeje
Then...the whole family stood together and they filmed us, and walking around the yard talking, and then they had me go into my room and pretend to play the guitar and read, and he filmed me doing that, and my wall(with the Chilean flag and pictures of back home, which he filmed too!). It was pretty bakan, I'd say. They told us it will probably...erm, come out?(salir) in the news Mon, Tues, or Wed night...so I'm going to work on filming that. Hurrah!
And Maggie took photos! Hurrah!

I made this slideshow today....THESE are my friends. ENJOY!

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Maggie dijo...

That is soooo spiffy! That all that happened! Hahha, if there's a way for you to get any of it on the internet, I'd love to see it. But I love your blog.

Anónimo dijo...

Hey its Shayna.
Wow! Incredible! hahahah You are so lucky!!
Tape it and bring it with u!!