21 febrero 2007

No autographs, por fa.

So....what has dearest Kelsey been up to lately?
Went to the Valle with my host family for a wonderous day of swimming and such. I actually didn't take any sun because I had gotten burned slightly while riding horses on the beach with Nicole two days before, so whatevvv.
A group of teachers from NY came lately, and it's been really cool. Kind of weird to hear Spanish.
I've realized just how much I actually think in Spanish without realizng it, and it's kind of really exciting. As far as speaking is concerned, I think I've "clicked". Hurrah!
My picture was in the paper yesterday. I was on the news too for like, 2 seconds because I was a t a workshop for the teachers. They came to help English teachers here in Coquimbo area, and they donated a looot of money and such. There's a new computer lab and library in Coquimbo, which I must say is fairly bakan.
The news people called me today(the news station). Turns out they're working on a story about exchangers, chileans who have gone to other countries, and people from other countries here in Chile. And they want to interview me! They're going to come to the house to interview me and my host family, and film me in my room and with them and stuff like that.
Psh. I know...I'm getting pretty famous, haha
anyhoo. There was a dinner the other night for the rotarians from NY, and I filmed this, for all the people who have yet to see the wonder of cueca(which I can dance, btw!)
Here you are....
chao chao!

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