18 febrero 2007

Torres del Paine! Y Glaciers!

So...I'm totally putting two days as one, because I have new things and such going on that would be pretty bakan to update about, ¿cachai? anyhoo....
On Thursday of the trip, we went to Torres del Paine....which absolutely freaking amazing. I swear. It was like, 2 hours on bus....and we were just driving, and driving, and driving, and then some mountains started to appear and then BAM! There's the Torres. Gorgeous...I couldn't close my mouth, and I don't think many others could either. It's just....beyond words. Something you really HAVE to see in real life, because pictures and descriptions by silly people such as myself just don't do it justice.
We walked a bit and got a good view of the torres, next to this gorgeous waterfall. The water in this place was crazy....a green like you'd see in the Caribbean, but so cold that if you fall in, you're given two minutes before you're a goner. Anyhoo. We ate lunch at this waaaay fancy restaurant that had a gorgeous view of the mountains, and afterwards, I ran outside and stuck my hand in the water(it was COLD!) and had a sip of it too....yes, that's right, Kelsey's drank glacier water. Hurrah!
We went walking on a windy beach after lunch and could see a far off glacier, and iceburgs that were closer by. Everyone went crazy to eat a piece of iceburg that one of the chaperones went and found for us. Fun was had by all. On the bus, the chaperones decided that we were not allowed to sleep(despite leaving the hotel at like, 7 that morning) because of the view, and anyone who did was promptly woken up by water being dropped on their head. It was quite fun. I got to know the tour guide, John, pretty well too. He's a cool guy, and we had fun writing on each other's arms and bothering the chaperones along with some other exchangers.
The next day we woke up ridiculously early again to get on a boat in Puerto Natales to go on a tour to see glaciers. Being the idiot I am, this was, of course, the day that I forgot my camera. BUT Maureen's such a good friend that she took pictures for me, which I copied on my pen drive later. It was a pretty cool tour...freezing in the morning, with crazy waves and the like. The first glacier was insane....it looked like there was barely anything left of it....and to think that 20 years ago, it was at sea level. Way to be, global warming. We landed on some island, and went hiking for a bit, farther inland to where a giant glacier was. This was the coolest one, I think. Picture taking ensued.
For lunch, we stopped on some island ranch thing, where Luke and I discussed our plans to own a ranch just like it under a mountain in the Patagonia, with Jules, a Canadian, as our horse.
The ride back was the best because it had warmed up and was no longer windy, so everyone was out on the erm, deck? of the boat. I got to talk with Simon and see the sights from the...bow? of the boat, and it was all around cool.
The last day, Saturday was...eh. We left the hotel at SIX AM! Who does that? Drove 3 hours to Punta Arenas(EVERYONE slept the way there), then flew back to Santiago. It was way sad....I had everyone sign my flag, and it sucked royally saying goodbye to people that I had ended up growing so close to. Took a bus back to La Serena that night with Freja and Clara, and here I am. Fotos! Aca con un glacier....the one that used to reach the water. And then...the other glacier.

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