08 febrero 2007

From the end of the world....

Hey all! I'm typing now at 8:41 am from a hotel in Punta Arenas(they have free internet...but the computer's slow like woah). I'm having a great time on the south tour, and have taken only just over 200 pics(including orientation), I'm saving most of them for the days coming up, when we head to Torres del Paine.
It's been great so far....we've seen penguins here in Punta Arenas. Went to an Island called Isla de Riesco or something along those lines. I got to ride a horse! It's wicked cold though....32º when we landed(after a 5 hour flight from Santiago. Stopped in Puerto Montt, then came to Punta Arenas), but I think it's colder now. Buuuut...I've been missing winter like woah, so it's all good. I love being bundled up in scarves and hats and such. Way nice.
It's absolutely beautiful. Really. At first it caught me off guard, to see it from the plane, since it's pretty much just....flat. But it's so gorgeous! And...it's rained! First time I've seen real rain in six months;I was excited.
Anyhoo. We're leaving the hotel today, at 9 to drive 3 hours north to Puerto Natales, which is like a, erm....doorway? to Torres del Paine. I'm not sure what the internet access will be like, but I def. won't be able to update(I only can now because I'm the only one here, haha...I got everything done early), but parents, I'll be hoping to send out an email or two. We'll see.
Love you all...and I'll have a better update and some pictures(and video!) soon!

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