12 febrero 2007

I've returned!

Just got back a bit after 1 am today from the south tour. It was a crazy amount of fun, and I have a wicked lot of pictures....that will (hopefully) be all uploaded to yahoo by the end of the week, but it's well over 400 pictures...so I can't make any promises. It was crazy fun though....I got closer to a lot of people, and did some amazing things including: eating Arabic kitkat bars, eating part of an iceburg, drinking glacier water, riding a horse in the Patagonia, seeing a real life glacier, watching a penguin waddle, realizing that Canadians really are crazy, switched from summer to winter in a matter of hours, heard English spoken by people other than intercambios, belly danced for a group of people, drank whiskey with glacier ice in it, nearly been blown away by wind, saw sheep get herded washed and sheered, assisted in a nose piercing, dyed my hair in Punta Arenas, and a lot more. But it's late, so nothing comes to mind, hahaha

The way I'll go about informing you all of what exactly went down on the south will be this:
I'll go day by day. Each day I'll do an entry documenting what happened and such.
so there.
Here's a few pictures to keep you happy until then:
This is Pablo:(and yes, I did take this picture, I'm an artistic genious, for real)Chilling by iceburgs is, obviously, a chill, everyday activity.

Probably the greatest group of people ever. Even Paolo and Pablo, who like to make bunny ears.
well that's it for now.
chao chao

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Wendy dijo...

Sounds like you are having such a wonderful time, Kels! Great photos. Thanks for sharing :)
Love, Aunt Wendy