16 febrero 2007

Día dos. bueno, tres.

Okay, so I've been busy cutting my hair and riding horses on the beach, and apparently, coming down with a cold, so shhh.
anyhoo. A continuación....
our second(er, third?) day was spent....going to the museum, church, and general cool places in Punta Arenas. It was pretty bakan, I must say. We went to a mall and got some food and such in preparation for the next day's 3 hour drive to Puerto Natales. Back to the hotel for lunch, and then....it was off to see the penguins! this day was quite exciting because just before we left for the penguins(about an hour and a half en bus), I was able to assist in a self-done nose piercing! it was quite exciting, I must say.
Anyhoo. Drove to the penguins, playing Never Have I Ever on the way to amuse ourselves. Finally got to the...erm. penguin place(I can remember the word in spanish, but not english, sorry). I bundled up, my alpaca sweater, fleece, and helly hansen coat along with a scarf, gloves, and hat. Of course, I unfortunately made the mistake of waddling over to a group of boys who then proceeded to bundle me up así:
Anyhoo. We walked something like a kilometer towards a beach, nearly being blown away the whole time. No lie, this was the windiest place ever. Patagonia as a whole, i think, is ultra windy, which is probably why it's so cold. For serious, you're walking straight, and the wind comes and pushes you sideways. It was pretty crazy. Anyhoo. The penguins were actually quite a let down. Too far away. But cute still, and I got video of one waddling. But alas. Demasiado lejos y a mi no me gustó.
Anyhoo. Back to the hotel for exciting things such as dinner. Afterwards, I, the resident piercing expert, accompanied someone to get something done in town. However, they blatently ignored my expert opinion on the place(sketchy!) and got something done anyway. Ahhh well.
Here are some fotos!
I'll hopefully get the rest of the trip down here soon...because things are happening and such, jaja and I'm just re floja lately. ahhh well. No sé sobre mañana...going to the valle with my host family to take sun and swim, and then sunday I'm celebrating the Chinese New Year with Mauricio(to honor his Chinese ancestors), but I'll try and update this soon.
chao chao

Okay...yahoo's decided to not work AT ALL, and unless this is somehow fixed tomorrow, I'll be putting all my pictures on snapfish instead. For serious, I can't do ANYTHING on yahoo right now. boo you.

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