02 marzo 2007


So. For those of you who have been paying attention, you'll remember quite clearly that yesterday I started school!
er, sort of.
It's fairly boring, really. A little inauguration thing(I've never been to so many useless ceremonies, Chileans love them). And then classes. For the first time, I've actually enjoyed my history class! And, well....went to it! I've always liked history, so I was kind of bummed to get here and not follow anything, but now I can understand EVERY WORD my teacher says. Still can't read his writing...(although no body can...), but I'm happy anyway. We were learning about the Cold War, something I've never learned about, and only heard snippets and such about. Well, because I'm the token American here, I got to answer questions like which president was once an actor, which president was president during the Cuban Missile Crisis, who came into ..power? in Cuba in 1959, and why the Cold War is called the Cold War.
All of which I answered correctly, by the way.
hurrah me!
Today.....fairly boring. Slightly kind of fell asleep in math class. But I really think my teacher still thinks my Spanish sucks(it doesn't, I just don't understand him or his crazy math...things.). I still utterly SUCK at Chilean math. I vaguely remember learning what we're doing during freshman year, but he has such a roundabout way of explaining it, filled with crazy symbols I can't really read....and so I'm utterly lost and confused. STILL.
Had gym today. Was weighed and measured(I'm sure you can all imagine how excited Freja and I were....although I'm happy now that it turns out I really AM taller than Freja! jeje). According to the somewhat...erm, screwed up? way of thinking about what weight is "normal" here, I am now overweight. Hurrah. Also. Culture difference. Freja and I were SHOCKED as one by one girls came out of the nurses office, and actually said what they weighed! In the US(and Denmark too, apparently) you wouldn't say that unless asked at knife point.
And sometimes not even then.....
Anyhoo. I was also overjoyed to find out that this year we will be doing a swimming unit. ñalsdkfjñasdfásdfaçdsfas Basically....I need to find some kind of medical excuse or otherwise sneaky way of keeping myself out of the water. Although I did tell the teacher that I'd rather not(aka YOU CAN'T MAKE ME SWIMMMMM!), and she's fairly understanding, so we'll see. But there's NO way I'm going in that pool. nope. Absolutely not. I despise water....and okay....so I'm slightly afraid of it(which is what makes her say that I don't HAVE to go in....). Stupid Rhode Island laws, making four years of gym necessary.
Parents, sign me up for some sort of summer school gym class....I'm not going in that pool, even if I fail.

enough of my bratty exhaustion driven rambling. Freja and I are meeting up at Blockbuster to rent some movies and eat away our miseries tonight.
and hopefully she'll also be introduced to my(real) family. Hurrah!

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