11 marzo 2007

Kelsey Is Still Quite Angered

Oh, this weekend.
Friday night I went to a birthday party with Jenny, Freja, and Maureen, which was gooood. I met kids from Jenny's school, who are a lot nicer and willing to talk than the kids at my school. And towards the end, some Scuola kids showed up. The two new girls in Freja's class, who I talked to, and a boy in my class and his younger brother. It was nice. Now atleast SOMEONE realizes that I can actually have a conversation in their language....
The next day I went to a birthday asado for a friend of Mauricio(who I know too!) It was nice...because I love asados, and I realized that all the people around me were kind of(?) my friends too. Granted, they're all older than me, but I've been around them so often, that I really know them. Hurrah!
I was, however, starting to get sick. I noticed the night before(friday night) that I was getting kind of stuffy, and during gym that day it was hard for me to breathe(that gym class was torture, by the way. Freja and I are still sore, and one girl in Freja's class almost passed out). During the asado, I was so tired that I actually went and slept for about an hour and half or two hours or so. I've been using my inhaler and such though....so hopefully I'll just magically heal on my own. Bah! i've never been sick as often as I have in Chile......
My family's in the valle today, but I'm home with Mauricio and abuelo since I don't feel good.
I thinkthinkthink I'm starting salsa lessons today. Freja and I have decided to stop belly dancing because it's too expensive to do both. I can take belly dancing in the US, but not necessarily salsa, so I want to learn that now.
Oh! March 8th was International Women's Day, which was cool. I'd never heard of it before....but my fisica/homeroom teacher came into the classroom in the morning and gave all the girls a chocolate bar. Gotta love that....
Not much else is going on here. Hung out with the New Zealander....he's really nice. Kind of quiet, but I can understand that...I've been in that position before. He's one out of FOUR AFS exchangers in La Serena. FOUR MORE! That brings the total to NINE exchangers in this city. Wow, huh?
anyhoo. gotta run...but here a picture that DID end up working from when Ignacio was reading with me(STILL can't get that last picture....parents, anyway you could contact HP and ask what's up??) It's Ignacio reading a magazine. I was sitting on my bed, reading, and he came in to talk with me. Then, he left and got some magazines, and sat next to me, with his legs crossed like me, and "read"(he actually can't read, but he looked at pictures, and told me what different letters and numbers were). It was one of the cutest things he's ever done!

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Wendy dijo...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Kels! *hugs* Aunt Wendy