31 marzo 2007

Photos and Such!

Ah, life.
School has been sucky. This whole week has been sucky, actually.
Went out with Maureen and Alyssa last night...and that was better.
Talked with my real family. That also cheered me up.
And. At quarter to ten, my host family decided Hey! let's have an asado!
and so we did.
I'm too lazy, and it's far too late for me to put up pics, so I will return to do so later.
I've been uploading my south tour pics onto snapfish...since yahoo's been sucking. Now I just have to figure out how to share this with THE ENTIRE WORLD. We'll see. But snapfish is better since it doesn't take forever and a day to load. Which is always a plus.
I'm tired, and still sick, so I need me some sleep.
i'm sorry this update was so fome.

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