18 marzo 2007

Un Partido!

So today I went to a futbol game with Mauricio, Cristian, and Freja. Well, it was an experience...haha
It was Coquimbo(feoooo, the city next to La Serena, I'm in the Rotary Coquimbo club), vs. La Serena(woooo!) But, since the game was in Coquimbo, we sat on the Coquimbo side and cheered for them, because it's actually dangerous to be for the other team. So we were for Coquimbo.
It started off insane....when the team came out there was yellow smoke(Coquimbo's yellow and black, La Serena's red and white), firework type things, it's insane.

The game itself was pretty boring. We were sitting in a relatively calm area, but the lunatic fans were not too far away from us. They cheered the whole time(saying lovely things like "Serena chupalooo" which means suck it, and other lovely words). It was a good time.
Coquimbo ended up losing in the end, but it was really boring....they lost 1-0. The Coquimbo fans were CRAZY. Chanting the whole time, jumping up and down, throwing paper, and at one point there was a fire(the cops just left though). It was INSANE. The cops were every 10 feet or so, and they had other ones that were dressed like SWAT team members. There was even an attack dog!!! And barbed wire separating the fans from the field. The La Serena fans were in a small part, on the other side of the stadium, with lots of cops there to protect them.
What was craziest, was at the end of the game. Everyone was kept in the stadium, so that the La Serena fans could leave, so that the Coquimbo fans wouldn't attack them. We went to the top of our bleacher area and stuck our heads over the side to see what was going on. There was a huuuge group of people there, and the cops with shields and such(but regularly dressed police behind them, hiding), and the people were throwing things at them. Shoes, rocks, anything and everything they could get their hands on. It was insane. But then a woman cop(who was dressed regularly) was hit in the head by a rock. The regular cops were brought out of there, off to the side, and then the SWAT like cops ran after the people, with their shields and bats out. Everyone started running in different directions, and they cornered a group of people and started hitting them. Don't worry though, I took video:

However, you can't see as clearly as Freja and I did what they were doing. It was horrible, and while I can see where they were coming from, it was still unexpected.
All in all....it was crazy. Crazy to see and experience, but I'm glad I did. How could I be here for one year and NOT go to a game,right?
Hopefully Freja and I will be going to a game for La Serena IN La Serena(where apparently it's not as violent), so we don't have to be undercover fans again, jaja

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