24 marzo 2007

Kelsey has a stalker! and other exciting things.

What has Kelsey been up to lately? you may ask yourself. Well, I'll tell you.
Not much, really. School is utterly boring. Some ex exchanger who went to NY saw me on the news, and somehow figured out what school I go to, and hunted me down. Kind of stranger.
Yesterday was Jenny's birthday, so we went out to celebrate. Freja and I gave her a Bob Marley drawing she really wanted from a guy in centro. Got ready and went to Freja's house, dropped off my things(since I was sleeping there) and we went to Jenny's house to finish getting ready, have some tea, and eat some cake. We went to a friend of a friend's house, the owner of the disco we were going to, first. It was a good time. He took out his guitar and sang(he has an AMAZING voice) and he had CDs with just the music of famous songs, so it was kind of like karaoke...? Apparenly he's fairly well known here...? He works on the radio now, but used to be a singer on some show or something. He was really nice too. It's things like that I'm going to miss. Every get together is like that. Everyone sings and it's just...fun.
Then we went to the disco. It was cool....we entered through the back since we were with the DJ. He brought us to the VIP area. It was higher up, but not a real lot higher (maybe like, 4 or 5 ft off the ground, but with a fence type thing around it), and was guarded by a security guard, and only us and our friends were allowed up. It was WAY cool. The owner came up and hung out with us, and it was really nice to be able to dance with my friends and NOT be bothered by guys the whole time. We did go to the other area though, we met two guys from Romania, but they were waaay older than us, and really boring. But they spoke really good English. So pretty much the whole night was in the VIP. Maureen's friends from school came, so I got to meet some nice Chileans. And if anyone bothered us(like some guys who somehow got up there and said they knew us....?), we could just ask the guards to make them leave. hehehe.
All in all, it was a good time. And now Jenny is nineteen! Hurrah!
But the question shouldn't be what am I doing, it should be what the eff is going on in Tiverton? Come on now people....what is this about?

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Anónimo dijo...

So KElsey, How did you find the story on Tiverton? Saw the infamous bunny today holding a sign that read " Will work for Food!" Only in Tiverton! Love you! Mom

Anónimo dijo...

Ok, when the camera started bouncing, I thought it was a soldier with a helmet cam. That coupled with the Easter Bunny 'Banned' had me a little confused. Oh no speakers atm either haha.