17 marzo 2007

St. Patrick's Day and a Natural Po!

Went to Coquimbo via micro(which I love, by the way) with Mauricio to wander around, kill time, and take some fotos. 'Twas lovely. Andddd we got to eat Mexican food! Which was utterly exciting! When we got back to the house though, I heard Mauricio funny, and thought he said we ate pacos....which is cops. jajaja...ohhh ears....
last night. Went out with Maureen, Freja, and Alyssa. 'Twas a good time. Maureen and I(she's IRISH!) rang in St. Patrick's Day at midnight by shaking our tailfeathers. It was a good time. Probably the best ever. And just what I needed. I met like, four German guys, who were really boring. And no matter how hard I told myself to speak English with them, since they don't know Spanish, I still only spoke Spanish. But hurrah for that!
And THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER happened yesterday.
We were driving. Trying to find Alyssa's house. And speaking Spanish(obvio). Actually, first, here's a little background for you. The word "po" in Chile is a nothing word. It has no meaning, but they add it on to the end of sentences. I have never really said this word(seriously anyway. Joking, yes, but not seriously). BUT. Yesterday. I SAID PO NATURALLY! Yes, that's right. Kelsey Edwards had a NATURAL PO! It was quite exciting.

and a video. A slideshow of my CHILEAN SUMMER! hurrah!
The other picture is me, obviously displaying my Irish pride!

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Shayna dijo...

Hey U!!

I saw mexican food and got all excited :D
jajajaja It is so delicious.
Glad all is well.
Happy saint patrick's day. IRISH PRIDE!!