07 junio 2007

Aniversario de Scuola Italiana...Vamos Alianza ROJA!

so surprise surprise
I'm not dead.
I have, however been EXTREMELY busy. At the end of exchange, everyone wants to suddenly do things with you, and i've been trying my best to cram as much as possible into the little time I have left.
Had orientation en mayo. El 18 hasta el 20. 'Twas a good time....nice to see everyone, but sucked to say goodbye. we rated Rotary and such and just hung out the rest of the time. It was also REALLY nice to get out of Serena.
Jenny left the 27th from Serena and de Chile el 28 de mayo. Tears were shed. Maureen's the next to leave, the 9th from Serena. So you can only imagine how busy I am now.
My time has been spent doing final shopping, going out in the weekends(gotta get the partying in....can't go to discos in the US....) and spending as much time with the remainding La Serena Girls(LSG woot woot!)
This is my last week of school. My last day is Monday, when I will get a diploma of some sort from Scuola Italiana. Hurrah! Anyway, it is also the 16th anniversary of the school. Which, in Chile, as is with most things here, is a HUGE celebration. The school is divided into two alliances(alianzas), blue(azul) and red(roja). It's based on courses and such(1º and 4º are roja, 2º and 3º are azul, and younger grades, I don't know how they divide them). Anyway, I'm in the alianza roja. Yesterday was the big opening kind of thing for the aniversario events....we had a big dance competition type thing, little games, and a final dance. For each thing, the teams get points, and whoever has the most points on Sat. wins. There's a huge thing at the school with a king and queen and such. I'm sorry, it's hard to explain to people who haven't experienced it, esp. with my current English(I forgot the word "silverware" yesterday. oops). Anyway, this whole thing is HUGE in the school, VERY competitive. One kid, after doing a human table(which is when four people kind of lay on each other, but with legs bent, again, hard to explain), a kid went to the hospital. He was sick earlier, and shouldn't have done it at all, but did for his alianza.
So yesterday, it was huge. Red had one side, blue had another. Banners, drums, everyone dressed and painted in their colors, really cool. The school had even hired a DJ, and found judges to judge each team. Red started off first with their dance. It was ridiculoussss. We had cage like things, with people dancing in them, painted people, and a volcano. Out of the volcano came a boy in Freja's class who then breathed fire. It was CRAZY. Really cool. blue...well blue sucked :D
Red lost a lot in the beginning(like an eating competition that included eating and ONION...our kid puked), but we won a few afterwards. It was a good time....Freja and I got decked out in black and red(our colors) with Danish flag stickers on us, and wrapped ourselves in a giant Danish flag(there was another one and a Polish one...because they're red and such...). We handed out Danish flag stickers to people. It was a real good time. I'd type more about it, but my hands are FREEZING, and it makes it hard to type, and also I need to get ready for a top secret surprise going away party for someone special(aka Maureen.)
Posting again after this entry for some fotossss so this one isn't too long
chao chao

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