17 junio 2007


Freja left Friday night for Santiago, and it was horribly sad and slightly dramastic.
We went to school on Thursday to say one last goodbye to everyone. Freja's classmates were really nice and talked with us. Mine....did not. One of them waved to me.....and that's about it. I got well wishes when I stuck my head in the classroom and said Hey! I'm leaving.....butttt....my classmates were....well, my classmates. I was a bit disappointed....I guess I stupidly believed they would be different. Oh well. The music teacher was sad to see us go, along with all the teachers and people who work there, so I guess that kind of made up for it.
After we said goodbye, Freja and I went to the centro to get some gifts and have lunch. By this time, it was pouring. It had sprinkled a little earlier while we were in school, but we didn't expect anything else.....I've seen "rain" here in Serena three times, and never for more than 5 minutes. This rain.....was quite the downpour at times, and lasted all day. It was a Christmas miracle! either way, we enjoyed it, despite getting quite wet....we even bought an umbrella so that we could manage our way through the centro....yeah....lots of rain.
Today, being Father's Day, I cooked lunch! Hurrah! It was quite exciting. Or rather....slightly annoying. I made chicken parmesan. But I also went out last night, and so I was NOT happy about waking up early to make lunch(after going out, I require lots of sleep since the night ends so late....I usually sleep up until just before lunch is served) Let me tell you, despite what you may believe, cooking while feeling half dead, is not very exciting at all. Either way, I did it, and my host family liked it. I learned a few things along the way as well....the most important being that I need to marry a man who will cook for me, because me and this cooking thing? Yeah, not so much a good match. I dont' particularly like the raw chicken thing, and I'm very surprised I'm not burned from the oil I had to...er, fry? it in. I'm also surprised that the house is still standing. haha....I did however, learn that you should NOT leave the lid on top of a pot while you're making pasta because it tends to overflow. and, among other things, I made a big mess. hehe, oops. I'm quite glad my family found it entertaining and like me so much. :D I also cooked in my PJs....my host mom at first was all !&@¼ about it, but I told her I like to cook in PJs, and she was fine. hehe. Host moms.....
I'm about to embark on an adventure. Unfortunately, I can't say what it is quite yet. I will, however, have an update about this time next week where I will reveal Kelsey's Wanderings to the world. Hurrah! Until then....enjoy this feast for the eyes.
Ornela. My only nice classmate. She's the one I usually go out with. She's going to South Africa on exchange July 8th.
I was really happy for this. See that box? That would be RAW chicken. yummy.
The aftermath.
More for the parents: RAW chicken. And my hands. touching it. EW.

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Anónimo dijo...

Kelsey - We're so proud of you! I will have lots of chicken here waiting for your return! Dad says EWWWWWWW!!!!! Mom