13 junio 2007

Fotos from end of school, and a countdown.

Music teacher! This man is our best friend..we are in the music room whenever possible...playing the piano, stealing his computer, drinking his coffee and tea, watching his movies, making noises on trumpets, playing the drums, or dancing to really loud music. and he puts up with it all! And actually doesn't want us to leave! Really nice guy. :D
The kiosko! It's where you can buy snacks and such. We were usually there during English or Italian classes and such....buying tea to keep warm. This woman's reallyyy nice, and when she found out it was our last day, gave us each a free candy bar!
An Italian. Also really nice....wicked blue eyes. The cool thing is, we have to communicate through Spanish!
With the principal of the school, and our diplomas! Hurrah!
The inspector general.
Giovanni, Ornela, and Nicole, from my class.
My filosofía teacher. Apparently getting a picture with him is rare.....He also thinks he's John Lennon....

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kiki dijo...

Yet you've left Chile? Really? I hadn't any idea.. Hope ur welcome there was nice, and the goodbye here not too hard.. wishing you the best ;)