25 junio 2007

Just stopping by...

So it would appear this would be my last entry until I'm in the US unless something utterly exciting happens...which I doubt.
I've started my packing....which is quite a process, which involves making a disaster out of my room. It's okay though, I've already warned mamá not to go in, in order to avoid having her have a heartattack with all the disaster. I would take a picture, but unfortunately, my camera has finally died. When it manages to turn on, it tells me the batteries are depleted(despite them being new batteries) and turns off. Or, if I take a picture, as soon as I press the button, it turns off. So....if anyone wants to get me an AMAZING welcome home present, I'm in need of a new camera. I will def. be calling HP though, because for the past few months, my camera has had my pictures hijacked, and also the fact that one of their products can last only a year and a half is more than concerning. Oh well....atleast it made it this far, although I really would have liked to have pictures from my last week. Damn. Excuse my French, but trust me, that's the most subtle thing that comes to mind right now.
Anyway. Started packing, and just about finished with my shopping. Just need to take out more money and buy a clock that I've been eyeing all year. Because yes, Kelsey manages to spend a good $30.000 pesos in gifts in one day. Go me, basically. But hey...you people at home better not be complaining, because I've bought some pretty sweet gifts, if I do say so myself.
My last Rotary meeting was quite nice, though. I thought it would be held at the club like all the others, but no, this was at a restaurant. A girl just came back from Denmark, so I figure it's both a goodbye-our-favorite-exchange-student and welcome home thing. I got a wicked nice plaque from them, with my picture and such on it. Too bad it's heavy. Blegh. Oh well. I love my club either way, and my counselor is wicked sweet. Told me I've set the bar very high for others...that it's rare to have a student as nice, responsible, and respectful as me, and they're all proud to call me "theirs" :D But, considering my competition, it's really no surprise to me. Oops. What can I say? I'm amazing.
Anyway...my head's killing me...I do believe I'm getting sick...atleast that's what my head, stomach and throat have been telling me. For the first time this year, I've resorted to painkillers(kind of?) Aspirina....I'm not sure if it's Aspirin persay, and I know that's bad for under 18, mom. But honestly, I need SOMETHING and all my ibuprofen's gone....and that's all there is here. Didn't work anyway. I'm just hoping it's gone by Friday....I really don't want to travel a good 20 hours or more feeling like this. Blegh.
Anyhoo. See (some of) you soon!

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Anónimo dijo...

Whatever happened to Jake in Portugal - did he get sent home?

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Kelsey!

My name is Judy Beck and I came across your blog while searching for info on Rotary clubs in La Serena. I have a University Teacher Grant from Rotary and will be leaving for La Serena in January 2008. We (myself and my husband, 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son) will be spending a year there. I'd love to exchange emails so I can pick your brain about La Serena, Rotary clubs there, and high schools, since I am not exactly sure yet what school my daughter will be attending. I am sure she would also love to ask you some questions! So, when you get a chance, please email me at jbeck@unca.edu. Thanks - it was fun to read about your year!