07 junio 2007

Fotos(as promised last post...read if you haven't!)

Yeah, that's right. I've got spirit for a school I strongly dislike.....or maybe just Denmark?
Just before the whole thing started. That's a volcano! The opening is so the fire breather could get in....it looks better from the other side.

The inspector general. He's not allowed to show favoritism for either alianza...but he agreed to wear this sticker in a place where you can't really see it. He's a nice guy, actually....def. loves us :D
Oh babyyy...
Human Tables.....this is what sent a kid to the hospitalOur art teacher. There was a competition for who could make their teacher change the most. Obviously, roja won this one.
Opening dance....just after the flame breathing action. The girl in the corner is holding the fire still
This little boy is super adorable and not so strange looking in real life. We gave him a Danish flag sticker...and he drew a picture with "Asul=mala! Roja=buena!". It was über lindo :D

Alessandro and Giovanni...two of my classmates. I told you they really got into this....

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