06 enero 2007

This is post numero 77! Hoowah!

Hey...just stopping by to tell you I'm still alive, I suppose. Nothing too exciting has been happening lately....belly dancing yesterday, frantic-ness over paying for the south tour. Hanging out with Mauricio and his friends. Hanging out with Freja. She slept over last night, it was a good time.
Today is five months in La Serena though! Hurrah! All the exchangers here are going out tomorrow for a celebratory pizza. hehe!
I redecorated my blazer last night....adding my trenza, which tragically fell out one night while I was sleeping, so.....being the creepy exchange student I am, I put it on my blazer, haha. I'm currently looking for a small-ish Chilean flag to sew on the back....a Chilean flag patch for the other shoulder, and a Chilean license plate. I'm determined to have a bakan Rotary blazer....it's a New Year's Resolution of mine....and Freja and I will most certainly do it. Hurrah! anyhoo. A pic of my blazer, and of Freja and my 2 am tea party this morning.

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Anónimo dijo...

Wow! 5 Months! I past my 5 month mark a week ago. I can't believe we are halfway done. Monday I change families. :(
Anyway congrats! Enjoy! Time flies when ur having fun.
Y si yo sé que yo escribí en ingles. Es que los otros no entienden español!

Wendy dijo...

Wow...awesome blazer, Kelsey! I love it. The way you will know it is *done* is when it is so weighted down you can't lift it anymore *grin*

Love, Aunt Wendy