14 enero 2007

So who thinks Kelsey hasn't changed?

Maureen sent me some pictures today...from the waaaaay beginning of the exchange, so instead of updating you on how my Chilean summer's going(we went to the Valle today and swam and I took sun and will be tan! Hurrah!), I figured I'd post some pictures....just for fun. It's also pretty interesting to see how much I've changed in as little as 5 months. Craziness.
In other news....I'll be contacting Bokof Kaplan extremely soon....so I'll have a going home date(noooooooo) soon. Gahhhhhh.
So. Back in August.....
With Maureen at the carazy carrete en cabaña 7:Freja, me, and Sierra...in the Santiago airport. Sierra went to Antofogasta....Freja, Maureen, and I went to La Serena.

Going to Guanaqueros to go camping....my first weekend.

Me at Maureen's sleepover.
En Ovalle with Maureen.
Huh. Not a huge difference. I'll post some more recent ones a bit later....but not now. Because....well I'm lazy. But soon.
Just some food for thought. Obviously I've changed in more ways than the physical....but still.

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Starla dijo...

Hi! You don't know me... I'm also thinking of studying abroad with AFS but my parents want me to go for just a semester and I want to go for a year. Also I can't decide between Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile. How is Chile?