01 enero 2007

My New Year's Eve.

Oh, New Year's Eve.
Had a dinner with the family.....then changed into jeans and off we went to Coquimbo to watch fireworks on the beach. Didn't bring my camera though because I was going right out afterwards with Mauricio, so I figured it'd be easier without it. I'll scan the pictures Ele took once she develops them.
Anyhoo. 'Twas fun.....at midnight we all hugged and said "¡Feliz Año Nuevo!" and such. Mamá and Ele went crazy with the hats and masks and noise makers....they were jumping up and down, waving to the cars driving by(which all honked and such). It was a good time.....fireworks were everywhere....and over the water, it was way nice.
Mauricio and I walked to the Casino, where we were supposed to meet a friend of his to go to a party, but that didn't happen. Instead, we met up with some of his other friends and hung out on the beach....then went to walk somewhere, but by the time we got close we were hungry and it was late(we walked for a few hours). It was crazy.....there were drunk people everywhere, stopping and wishing us a happy new year....there were bottles and trash EVERYWHERE on the beach...and the police were everywhere, but weren't doing anything about it at all, just watching. I think it's illegal to be drinking like that in public, but Mauricio said they weren't going to do anything because it was New Years. Craziness.
One of Mauricio's friends called....but he didn't want to talk to him, so I got to answer the phone and pretend I didn't understand anything....it was entertaining, and got the friend to stop calling, haha. Gringas are so useful.
And that is essentially my new years eve. It wasn't the best ever. But it was fun. I enjoyed it for the most part, especially seeing mamá so crazy-like, haha.
Happy 2007 everyone!
And here are some pictures of Ignacio....I love this boy. No lie. The thing he's doing with his hands is mimicking me....whenever I don't understand what he's asking me, I shrug like that, and he's started doing it too! jeje que lindo

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