16 julio 2006

So....I have just over 18 days left in the U.S.

Still nothing from my host family.

exciting, I know.

BUT! I have my visa now...and I'm getting my tickets for serious soon. And also my luggage.

which may be quite important.

and....hopefully...my next update will be de Chile! yaaaay

3 comentarios:

xoxo ada : )> dijo...

OMG U'RE IN CHILE AND IM IN ARGENTINA AND OMG!!!!!!! lol after alllllllllllllll that waiting!!! :D :D i go to meet my temp. host family TODAY, in like, a minute!!! post an update soon!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxoxo ada : )>

Aunt Wendy dijo...

Hey Kelsey!! Update us soon so we know how you are doing, okay?!?!?

Paula dijo...

WOW you are living in Chile! So exciting!!! We were all so happy to know that you made it safe and sound. Woo Hoo Kelsey!!!