22 junio 2006

Hola! So...I suppose this is my first entry....?


Uh, my name's Kelsey. Although, if you're here, then I guess you already know that. I live in Rhode Island right now, but that's going to change in...let's see...41 days I believe. Not that I'm counting....

I'm heading off to La Serena, Chile for an academic year with Rotary. I thinkthinkthink I'm being hosted by the Coquimbo club, considering that's who I got an email from, but there's a bit of lack of information....and it's completley in Spanish, so I can't know for sure.

I'll be staying with a family there. My host sister, Gabi emailed me about a month ago and told me a little about them. My host mom is a housewife, and my host dad is an engineer. I'll have a 23 year old host brother named Mauricio who is studying at uni in southern Chile, and a 16 year old host brother named Ignacio. Gabi's coming to the States while I'm here, but I'm not entirely sure where she'll be.

Still working on the visa and whatnot, but I'm not entirely worried because atleast I know where I'll be. Which is pretty important, I'd say.

So yes. August 3rd....

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